Our School

Manordale PS

We acknowledge that our learning is taking place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. We thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us and recognize their enduring presence on this land.

Our School

Manordale is now in its 57th year. This is our 5th year with a balanced day schedule. The school was built in three sections, each section being added as the school population grew. At Manordale, our goal is to prepare all of our students for the 21st century. Supporting education for all, we use a balanced literacy and numeracy approach to help students develop effective communication skills. We follow an inclusionary model where all students are supported in their classroom, during their daily work, as well as in various settings within the school. Following the principle that “what is necessary for some is good for all”, we are introducing a variety of technology equipment and software to our students, to be used throughout the day, supporting our students in their access to the Ontario curriculum expectations.

We are passionate about the Arts in the education of children at Manordale PS. Our active Art Committee members provide our students with opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities such as workshops with artists, musicians and dancers. Our students also create works of art that are proudly displayed on the classroom walls and at our Manordale Art Galleries at various times of the year. Our students participate in cultural activities at the National Arts Centre, Musée des Beaux-Arts, and other venues in Ottawa. In the spring of 2009, thanks to a neat connection with journalist Lynn Saxberg, we received an incredible donation of 40 ukuleles from folk singer Ben Harper. With the support of musician James Hill, offering a workshop to interested staff members, we plan to continue to integrate this instrument into our music classes, clubs and performances.

Our Motto reflects our community’s rich diversity and background:

We Learn From One Another

On apprend de tous et chacun

Our students chose the wolf for our mascot as a symbol of our willingness to work together. Our school colours are blue, gray, and gold/yellow.

Our Students

Manordale has an enrolment of 341 students, representing over 54 countries and 38 languages. Our graduating students move to Greenbank MS.

Here are some comments from our students:

  • “I love Manordale. The work is a challenge in every grade!”
  • “We have so many clubs to choose from, it’s awesome!”
  • “We have a lot of great activities.”

Our Staff

This year, Manordale has a staff of over30 staff, working full or part-time. This includes administrators, teachers, educational assistants, office staff, a library technician, early childhood educators, lunchtime monitors, a day time custodian and two evening custodians. Throughout the year, we also welcome co-op students, student teachers both from the colleges and universities, OFIP tutors and many OVIE volunteers into our classes.

Many of our teachers hold specialist qualifications in Special Education, ESL, Computers, French as a Second Language, Drama and Music. Teachers dedicate additional time during both recesses to support student learning, e.g., mentoring, coaching, extra-curricular activities, etc. Our teachers work together to plan and implement a consistent well-balanced program.

Here are some comments from our students and parents about our staff:

  • “The teachers are nice and fair.”
  • “I like the teachers because they help us.”
  • “Teachers care for you a lot and they spend lots of time with you.”
  • “I like the way they teach me to read and write.”

Our Community

Manordale serves the residential neighbourhoods of Manordale, Woodvale, Craig Henry and Centrepointe. Manordale is known for its strong tradition of community involvement. Our many parent and OVIE volunteers help with literacy, numeracy, assistive technology, special events, field trips and fundraising. Our school council’s name reflects the family atmosphere at Manordale.

The Manordale Family School Council meets monthly and consists of very involved parents, guardians and a community representative, as well as staff members. These volunteers are dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities and partnerships with the community and are committed to making the school a better place for our students to learn by coordinating volunteer activities and providing a liaison between families and the school. Our large grassy school yard adjoins a city park and outdoor skating rink. In the summer and fall of 2010, the south parking lot, stairs, ramp and back doors were replaced. A brand new basketball court was installed in the backyard and 13 games were painted on all 3 sections of the yard.

Mission Statement

Manordale P.S. fosters personal and academic growth, through high expectations and active partnerships, in a safe, caring and diverse learning environment.

Facilities and Resources

The Learning Resource Centre is an exciting place to learn with over 10,000 books. It also houses our computer lab and audio-video equipment, literacy, numeracy, science and social studies resource rooms. We have a wireless network within the school, and have integrated in our classrooms more multi-media carts, a Smartboard, and 2 document cameras. Students have access to digital video cameras and 12 portable computers, equipped with headsets, microphones and a variety of tools, including assistive technology software.

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

Regular English Program, JK to Grade 6 - Our teachers are dedicated to their students’ learning. Teachers emphasize the joy of learning by making their lessons authentic.

Early French Immersion, SK to Grade 6 - Our teachers immerse the children in not just the French language, but in the French Canadian culture as well, bringing out the enthusiastic learner in all their students.

Full-Day Junior and Senior Kindergarten program (FDK) was implemented at Manordale in 2010 along with the Extended Care program. We also offer FDK in French Immersion, where 50% of the day is offered in French. Ministry Curriculum guidelines are followed and shared between teachers and Early Childhood Educators (ECE) working in a partnership to prepare young learners for success in future grades.

Classroom Organization


  • ThreeJK/SK class
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 1/2
  • Grade 2/3
  • Grade 3/4
  • Grade 4/5
  • Grade 5/6
  • Grade 5/6 B

Early French Immersion:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 1/2
  • Grade 2/3
  • Grade 3/4
  • Grade 5/6

Special Education and ESL Programs

We follow the inclusionary model to support students’ needs, where the Learning Support Teachers, the Learning Resource Teachers, the Itinerant Teachers for ELL and Assistive Technology and the Educational Assistants work with students in their own classrooms. At times, learners are invited to work in the resource rooms for reinforcement and extension of the classroom activities.

Clubs and Activities

We are very proud of our students’ achievements outside of regular classroom learning. Our sports teams participate in regional events for a variety of sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track and field. The Spirit and Character Crew is a student organization that organizes our very popular Spirit Assemblies andWe Dayinitiatives of giving to others. These multimedia events celebrate our community spirit and recognize positive character. The Craft Club is offered to Grades 1 and 2 students, Thursdays at First ActivityBreak during the winter.

Students learn about the world and its various cultures and raise money for different world causes through The We Crew. Our Earth Care Team leads school-wide initiatives, always encouraging energy saving practices and litterless lunches. All students have a chance to perform at the very popular talent show every spring. NROCRC offers the free after school program, Monday through Thursday,3:00 to4:15p.m. With Continuing Education services, we also offer our families the opportunity to sign-up for piano lessons after school.

Safe Schools Initiatives

We are very committed to life-long learning and to the creation of a learning environment that fosters the development of each individual to his/her greatest potential. We are also just as committed to providing a safe and secure environment for work and play that is characterized by trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

The SCC took the opportunity during Bullying Awareness Week to come up with the “Why Just a Week?” campaign towards bullying prevention. The SCC wants to focus on a whole-school, character approach to celebrating positive behavior. We continue with our School Wide Positive Behaviour Plan initiated in 2009. Working with behaviour specialists from the Board’s Safe School department, we have adapted our Code of Behaviour to introduce the 10 Steps to Success focusing on students being ready, respectful and responsible.

Positive behaviour is reinforced daily by all staff throughout the school, and on the yard. Our Wolf Howl program allows students to collect “Howls” for being caught doing something kind. These “Howls” are read out Friday morning with one student chosen to be the “Wolf Howl” of the week. We also highlight and celebrate character at our assemblies and on our announcements. The strength of our positive behaviour program is that it was created with the input of all staff members at Manordale, is well supported and very consistently implemented throughout the school.

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